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Anti-Gay Hate Group Forgets To Renew Domain

Forgetting to renew a domain name can cause headaches. But when you happen to be a vocal anti-gay hate group then your domain name could end up causing you way more than just a small headache. The domain name was being used by homophobic Pastor Randy Bryson of the Open Door Baptist Church in Easley, S.C. […]

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Carly Fiorina Fails To Protect Her Personal Brand

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of HP, has announced that she’s running for the US presidency. Unfortunately, for her, she hadn’t secured all the obvious domains that she should have. I stress for her, as the person who registered has given the internet a rather humorous gift. The subject isn’t that humorous – how […]

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dnscom-comodo Rebrands as

Comodo, the SSL company, acquired back in 2011. They rebranded it to “DNS by Comodo”, but they kept the premium .com domain name as their main site and everything else. Earlier this evening users were contacted with the news that Comodo is switching everything over to Users will need to update their nameservers […]

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Irish Company Invests 500k In Domain Name

It’s not often that I get to write about Irish companies investing in domain names, but apparently today is the day .. Silicon Republic and other outlets are reporting on the acquisition of by Cork company Digital Crew for €500k. They’re quoting Digital Crew‘s Peter Coppinger on the timeline for the acquisition:   “Negotiations […]

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Making Dot Sexy Real

Uniregistry’s Bret Fausett has a new set of plates for his car The DMV just delegated my new plates. — Bret Fausett (@bretfausett) January 6, 2014 He hasn’t indicated what model car they’re on though ..

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Left to right: Chris Pine plays Jack Ryan and Kevin Costner plays Harper in JACK RYAN, from Paramount Pictures and Skydance Productions.

Paramount Pictures Get The Domain Wrong

Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit will go on general release in the US later this month. The movie, which stars Chris Pine, Kevin Costner, Kenneth Branagh and Kiera Knightley, covers the early years of Tom Clancy’s fictional hero. So Paramount Pictures are doing quite a bit of marketing to raise awareness of the film…. However over […]

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Pirate Bay’s Domain Hopping Fails

The Pirate Bay has been “hopping” from one domain extension to another over the last few months. At the moment the site is using a .gy domain name, which is Guyana The site had announced that it was switching to a .pe domain name (Peru), but the domain has already been suspended. The site had […]

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New Domain Name Group Announces Membership Fees

The Domain Name Association, which we mentioned in the past, has announced its membership fees According to a slide deck published on the organisation’s site the membership fees range from $1000 / year to $50 thousand / year. The membership tiers are: Executive Member – $50 thousand / year Strategic Member – $20 thousand / […]

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Domaining Spain Day One

Domaining Spain is taking place today and tomorrow in Valencia. Speakers from the four corners of the globe are addressing a predominately European audience on domains, domaining, new TLDs and related topics. The full agenda is here Related articles The Domains In Spain Fall Mainly On .. ( Domaining Spain heads to Valencia next month […]

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New Domain Association Site Launched

During the regional ICANN meeting in Amsterdam earlier this year there was a “side meeting” held by several companies in the domain name industry. The objective? To work on some form of strategy for marketing and education around the domain name industry and domains in general. The meeting was organised by Google‘s new TLD team, […]

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