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Universal Acceptance Still Has A Long Way To Go

“Universal Acceptance” is one of those terms you hear a lot when you attend ICANN meetings. In simple terms the idea is that all domain names, be they IDN or ASCII, no matter how long they are, should “work”. When we say “work” what I mean is in relation to daily use. (There are people […]

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Closed Generics The Final Battle?

Over the past couple of years I’ve posted several times on the issue of “closed generics”. In essence these are new TLD applications where the string is a “generic term” AND the applicant wanted to keep all domains in the registry for their own use. The baseline registry agreement with ICANN now contains language that […]

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Google’s .App Under Fire

I’ve written about “closed generic” new TLD applications several times over the last year. I’m opposed to them, as I’ve said in the past and continue to say today. However I’ve generally been supportive of “restricted” TLDs. The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) has serious concerns about Google’s application for .app and want ICANN’s board […]

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Google Bows To Pressure On Closed Generics

The debate surrounding “closed generics”, which we’ve covered several times in the past, has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks. At the centre of the debate were a number of new TLD applications from large companies including Google, Amazon and others. Google had stated that they planned to establish a number of domain […]

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New TLDs The Movie

New TLDs The Movie

Pinky of DomainDiction put out a short tongue in cheek “trailer” earlier today. Enjoy:   It uses some of our graphics from 🙂 The “draw” is taking place today in LA   Related articles New gTLD lottery tickets now on sale (

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4 new tld applications including 3 from Google have been withdrawn

Google Withdraws 3 New TLD Applications

Google has withdrawn 3 of its new TLD applications. Its applications for .and, .are and .est are now listed as “withdrawn” on the new TLD application status page: As Kevin pointed out, the three strings break the rules, as they appear on the ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list and are the codes for the United Arab […]

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Dot Nxt Cancelled

Rumours were flying around last night that the Dot Nxt conference scheduled for London next week had been cancelled again. Michael Berkens posted about the rumour over on his blog. Now this appears to have been confirmed by one of the attendees: It’s official. The Dot-Nxt conference has been cancelled. No refunds. Very disappointing #Fail […]

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ICANN Publish New TLD Timeline

Last night ICANN published a timeline for the new TLD process moving forward. They also revealed that there were currently 500 new TLD applications that had not been completed. Whether they will be completed by 2359 UTC tonight remains to be seen, but I doubt if they’ll all get done in less than 24 hours. […]

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Photo of Rod Beckstrom

ICANN Chief Slaps Down ANA

Kevin reported in detail about the letter that ANA (Association of National Advertisers) sent to ICANN where they threatened to sue over the launch of new TLDs. ICANN chief, Rod Beckstrom, has replied in detail and while the response is polite it’s a bit of a slap down, as Beckstrom points out why ICANN believes […]

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