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Republican Presidential Candidate Upset With ICANN CEO

Republican senator and US presidential candidate Ted Cruz is not very happy with ICANN CEO Fadi Chehade. In a letter from Cruz dated today Cruz has some pointed questions for Chehade in relation to his involvement with a recent meeting in China. Here’s the letter in full: 20160203_FadiChehadeLetter The IANA transition has been raised as […]

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IANA Explained [Video]

Unless you’ve been hiding under for the last few months you’ll know that the IANA transition is a hot topic in internet governance circles Of course while there has been numerous meetings, thousands of emails, more meetings, media coverage and plenty of conversations about the topic, there are probably still quite a few people who […]

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Ed Vaizey’s Speech at #ICANN50

Ed Vaizey, the British minister for Culture, Communications and Creative Industries, spoke at the opening ceremony for the ICANN public meeting in London. Here’s the video: The official text is here Related articles Biggest Ever ICANN Meeting Convenes in London (

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IANA Whois For IE Updated

The IANA whois data for .ie was changed yesterday. While the “sponsoring organisation” is still listed as UCD,  the other contacts have switched The old listing was: Hostmaster Team at University College University College Dublin Computing Services Computer Centre Belfield Dublin City And a similar entry for the technical contact. This is now listing […]

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ICANN Wins IANA Contract Bid

The US government has renewed the IANA contract to ICANN. Full details in the official release. The IANA contract renewal had been haunting ICANN for the last year, so closure on this key aspect of internet plumbing should be greeted positively in most quarters. The EU, however, might not be too happy, as they’d already […]

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Rod Beckstrom and Peter Dengate Thrush - Regis...

Why Won’t ICANN Answer Questions?

During the last public ICANN meeting in San Francisco there was a public forum. This is quite normal. Several people asked questions of the ICANN board, some were answered, others weren’t. Why not? Nigel Roberts from the Channel Isles registry asked the following (for the sake of clarity I’m republishing the entire section of the […]

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