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Google’s .App Under Fire

I’ve written about “closed generic” new TLD applications several times over the last year. I’m opposed to them, as I’ve said in the past and continue to say today. However I’ve generally been supportive of “restricted” TLDs. The Association for Competitive Technology (ACT) has serious concerns about Google’s application for .app and want ICANN’s board […]

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Article 29 Working Party To ICANN – EU Registrars Exempt From Data Retention Requirements

The 2013 RAA was approved by ICANN’s board of directors less than a week ago. The new contract introduces a number of new obligations on ICANN accredited registrars, among them are several related to data validation, verification and retention. The Article 29 Working Party, however, has written to ICANN and made it very clear that […]

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Nominet Puts Draft Registrar Agreement Out For Consultation

Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, has published a draft registrar contract for consultation. The registry had been planning a revision of its contracts for some time. Full details of the consultation, as well as the related documents, may be found here. Nominet are currently planning two public sessions to discuss the contract in July, […]

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Latin American Countries Reject .Amazon & .Patagonia

While the ICANN 46 meeting in Beijing was warming up on the other side of the globe the “Cuarta Conferencia Ministerial sobre la Sociedad de la Información de América Latina y el Caribe” (4th ministerial conference on information society of Latin America and Caribbean) was taking place in Montevideo. The “Montevideo Declaration” (PDF) runs to […]

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Google Bows To Pressure On Closed Generics

The debate surrounding “closed generics”, which we’ve covered several times in the past, has attracted a lot of attention in recent weeks. At the centre of the debate were a number of new TLD applications from large companies including Google, Amazon and others. Google had stated that they planned to establish a number of domain […]

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Nominet Sucking Up To Law Enforcement With New Proposals?

Nominet, the registry for *.uk, has opened a public consultation on the re-introduction of .uk domain names ie. domains directly under .uk such as The proposals from the registry, however, sound like they’re heavily influenced by the law enforcement “asks” during the current RAA negotiations. They also ignore the recent Article 29 Working Party […]

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Article 29 Working Party Deem RAA Asks In Violation of EU Law

The Article 29 Working Party has written to ICANN to express their concerns about some of the “asks” being tabled by law enforcement in the RAA negotiations. They focus on two areas of contention: Annual re-verification of contact details Data retention In both instances they find that the “asks” are in violation of EU law. […]

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Dotless Domains Deemed A Bad Idea

ICANN’s security and stability committee (SSAC) recently issued a report on “dotless” domain names. These would be where the domain name is the extension – so instead of having $thing.$extension you would find $extension by itself. As the report (PDF) explains, there are quite a few technical issues with the concept of no domain extension. […]

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Google’s Copyright Algorithm Change Welcomed By White House

Late last week Google announced a change to their algorithm to penalise copyright infringers in the search engine’s results. The White House’s Intellectual Property Enforcement Coordinator, Victoria Espinel, last night welcomed this move: On Friday, Google announced that it will incorporate valid copyright removal notices into its search algorithms, moving infringing sites down in search […]

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