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.Us ccTLD Adopting URS From July 1 2014

Neustar, who run the backend registry operations for .us and others, announced yesterday that the .us ccTLD will be adopting the URS from July 1st 2014. The URS  is a shorter and cheaper method of lodging a domain name dispute than the UDRP. Of course it’s .us, so the terminology is a little different. In […]

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Pirate Bay’s Domain Hopping Fails

The Pirate Bay has been “hopping” from one domain extension to another over the last few months. At the moment the site is using a .gy domain name, which is Guyana The site had announced that it was switching to a .pe domain name (Peru), but the domain has already been suspended. The site had […]

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Lady Aga holding page

Is Lady Gaga A Trademark Bully?

In the last couple of days there’s been some media coverage in Ireland of a case involving a small Irish business and Lady Gaga. Some people are crying foul and accusing Lady Gaga and her lawyers of being heavy-handed and that their actions were tantamount to bullying. While the Irish Independent’s coverage of the story […]

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Chanel Domain Seizure Page

Chanel is targeted by companies selling cheaper knock offs of their products, as are most brands. They’ve probably been pursuing and seizing domains etc., for years, but I’d never landed on one until today. This is what I got: The message contains a very clear warning to would be counterfeiters (emphasis added) : This domain […]

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Fadi Chehadé Explains Brussels Meeting

Philip Corwin from the Internet Commerce Association has published an email from Fadi Chehadé that explains this week’s “secret” meeting in Brussels. Over the past week or so there had been rumours of a meeting being held in Brussels about the Trademark Clearing House. However it wasn’t clear to many either who was organising the […]

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Afnic Release Infographic On Domain Disputes

Unless you’re really fascinated by domain names and trademark law and disputes, domain name disputes aren’t exactly an “exciting” topic. Afnic, the .fr registry, however, are trying to change that in their own little way. Earlier this morning they released an infographic that is packed with information, facts and figures about their new domain name […]

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Thomson Reuters Finalise Acquisition Of MarkMonitor

Thomson Reuters announced earlier today that they have finalised the acquisition of domain name registrar and online brand protection company MarkMonitor. From their release:  “The addition of MarkMonitor to our Intellectual Property & Science portfolio marks a transformational shift for our business,” said Chris Kibarian, president, IP & Science, Thomson Reuters. “Together, MarkMonitor and Thomson […]

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Fox Files UDRP Over XXX Domain

From the “told you so” and “some domainers are really really dumb” department .. Yes – and asking a crazy high price for it As Kevin reports Fox have now filed a UDRP. Prediction – unless Fox’s complaint is submitted on toilet paper this will be a slam dunk win for them. Tip: Do […]

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The World Intellectual Property Organization

For Dummies Win WIPO Case Against Dummy

Why did this case catch my eye? Well when the respondent tells WIPO that the domain is “available to lease” it’s going to catch my attention WIPO have awarded John Wiley & Sons the domain following a UDRP dispute. What surprised and amused me was the reply the registrant sent WIPO on being notified […]

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