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Irish Water Don’t Control

As of midnight Irish households will have to pay water charges. Every household in the country has been sent information about getting setup with the new water authority including getting an online account and paperless billing. They’re using But they do not control – it’s not registered to them and never has been. […]

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Video: Jean-Francois Baril on EWG Final Report

Jean-Francois Baril was interviewed by Brad White earlier this week about the Expert Working Group on gTLD Directory Services’s final report. The EWG, which was formed in early 2013 was tasked with reviewing the current whois system and to come up with an alternative. Jean-Francois explains what the report does, why it was done and […]

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ICANN Launch New WHOIS Inaccuracy System

ICANN’s Compliance team put the new WHOIS inaccuracy reporting system live earlier today. (Oddly enough Google alerts picked up on the new page!). The new system should make reporting issues easier for all parties involved ie. reporters, ICANN and the affected registrars. They’re also including generic information on how registrants may update their own domain […]

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CNNIC To Implement Alternative WHOIS

CNNIC, the .cn registry, are to implement an alternative to traditional whois. According to an announcement by ICANN’s Kurt Pritz, the Chinese organisation will be implementing a “RESTful” Whois server implementation. This is based on ongoing work within the IETF in the rather oddly named “weirds” project. Of course “weirds” is actually an acronym for: […]

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Article 29 Working Party Deem RAA Asks In Violation of EU Law

The Article 29 Working Party has written to ICANN to express their concerns about some of the “asks” being tabled by law enforcement in the RAA negotiations. They focus on two areas of contention: Annual re-verification of contact details Data retention In both instances they find that the “asks” are in violation of EU law. […]

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