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DotUS “Town Hall” October 26

If you are interested in domain name policy or country code domain names, then the upcoming .us “town hall” on October 26th might be of interest. When? Wednesday October 26th at 3pm EDT (7pm London time) Where? Online. The event is being led by NeuStar and the US Department of Commerce and features the following […]

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Turkey DNS Forum Confirmed For January 2016

The Turkey DNS Forum will be held on January 18th and 19th 2016 in Istanbul. The event will be held in the Renaissance Istanbul Polat Bosphorus Hotel. Further details about the event, including schedule and speakers, will be available on the event’s official site. While the event is 100% free to attend registration is required.

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IE Zone Now DNSSEC Enabled

As of about 45 minutes ago the .ie zone has had DNSSEC turned on. For the next few months DS records will be processed manually Here’s the full announcement: IEDR are pleased to announce the deployment of DNS security extensions (DNSSEC) for the .ie country code top level domain (ccTLD). This protocol will enable service providers […]

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IEDR Switch A Nameserver

While this might not be terribly exciting unless you’re a DNS geek .. IEDR have changed one of their nameservers. Banba is no more. Well it’s still there .. .. it’s just not in the root anymore: eg. dig +trace log.ie ; <<>> DiG 9.7.3 <<>> +trace log.ie ;; global options: +cmd .           […]

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IEDR Claim Website Will Be Restored Tomorrow

The IEDR’s main website has been in “maintenance mode” for the last two weeks with a simple message about a security incident being displayed. As of this morning, however, it has been updated with slightly different text: IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has restored services to all of its customers. Our corporate website, which is moving […]

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IEDR Take Website Offline Following High Profile Domain Hijacks

The IEDR websites are currently unavailable. However this time there is a holding page which carries a simple explanatory message: IEDR systems are currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers. As you may be aware, there was a security incident on Tuesday 9th October, involving two high profile .ie domains. There was […]

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GoDaddy Suffers Massive Outage

GoDaddy is the world’s largest registrar and hosting provider. Earlier this evening they suffered a massive outage which appears to be related primarily to their DNS. However it is unclear if that is the issue and it is also unclear as to what is the cause. At the moment pretty much every tech blog on […]

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.Nz Registry Enables DNSSEC

The .nz domain registry has announced that they have enabled DNSSEC in the New Zealand namespace: New Zealanders will be able to better secure their web presence from today, thanks to a major technical security deployment by InternetNZ subsidiaries .nz Registry Services (NZRS) and the Domain Name Commission (DNCL). Following more than two years of […]

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