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Nominet Non-Executive Director Elections Results Announced

Nominet’s non-executive director elections (NED) results have been announced. There had been three candidates running for one position. The final result sees Key System’s Volker Greimann elected. Nominet has also released details of the how the elections panned out. The turnout for the vote was low, which is unfortunate, with only 372 Nominet members voting […]

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Australia’s ccTLD To Allow Direct Registrations

Australia’s country code (ccTLD) will allow “direct” registrations in the .au ccTLD in the future. Following on from a consultation process last year, the board of auDA has announced their intention to update the domain registration policy to allow people and organisations to register .au domain names. Up until now you could register under, […]

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Short IE Domains Auctions Started Today

Auctions for contested “short” .ie domain names started earlier today. The private auctions are being handled by UK based company Divido who already do some auctions for .io and .ac. It is expected that the auctions will take a couple of weeks to complete. The auctions are open to applicants for “short” 1 and 2 […]

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French Supermarket Giant LeClerc Turns On DotBrand

Earlier this week French supermarket giant E.Leclerc launched a new site for their sports’ goods. The key change? The new site lives at Leclerc, which employs over 94 thousand people, is one of the companies that opted to get its own “dotbrand”. While some companies have rolled out a variety of different things on their own […]

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Facebook Has Acquired A Registrar

Facebook has acquired an ICANN accredited registrar. According to a tweet from Pinky Brand (below) the news came via an update from ICANN to registry operators Weekly email report from #ICANN indicates that #FaceBook has acquired a registrar — Pinky Brand (@pinkybrand) April 14, 2016 On the GNSO Council call this evening Susan Kawaguchi […]

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RIPE NCC logo (2015 version)

RIPE Publish 2015 Law Enforcement Requests

RIPE NCC has published information related to law enforcement requests they got during 2015. In total they got: 8 requests None of the requests came with a court order (or similar) from a Dutch court. RIPE is a Dutch entity, so subject to Dutch law. What of the requests themselves? They fall into two categories: […]

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US Senator Ted Cruz

ICANN Sends Reply To Cruz And Co

Senator Cruz and ICANN have been involved in a game of “swap the letter” for the last couple of months. Earlier this week Cruz and Co sent a letter to ICANN that displayed a couple of key things: they were very unhappy with how ICANN had been responding (They’re not alone in this one!) They […]

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IGF 2016 Local Host Site Launched

This year’s IGF is being held in Mexico in Guadalajara. While the official site for the IGF is maintained by the UN here and will probably be the main destination of any attendees, the local hosts usually put together a site with pertinent information. This year’s site is now live. At the moment the site provides […]

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US Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz And Co Send ICANN Another Letter

Republican Presidential hopeful Ted Cruz (and others) has sent yet another letter to ICANN. This time round the letter is addressed both to the Chairman of the ICANN Board, Dr Steve Crocker, as well as to former CEO Fadi Chehadé. The letter (below) repeats some of the questions previously put to ICANN, though the wording […]

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ISOC Hiring For Africa

ISOC are hiring. They are currently advertising a vacancy for chapter development in Africa “Manager Chapter Development Africa”. Interested? Here’s the full spec: Reporting to and working closely with the Regional Bureau Director, Africa and the Regional Bureau Director – Middle –East with a view to develop and implement the overall strategic engagement with ISOC […]

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Scottish Parliament Switching Over To .Scot

The Scottish parliament announced earlier today that it will be switching over to a .scot domain name in May. At the moment they use From May they will have moved entirely to This is a nice “win” for the .scot registry, which has been gaining popularity with Scottish individuals and businesses. According to nTLD Stats […]

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Nominet logo (2015)

Three Candidates Running In Nominet Elections

Nominet’s non-executive director elections are currently in progress. The final slate of candidates and voting details were made available yesterday. The three candidates for the 2016 election are (in alphabetical order): Phil Buckingham Volker Greimann Kelly Salter So who are the three candidates?   You can find quite a lot of detail in the candidate […]

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