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DotUS Organising “Town Hall”

The .us ccTLD registry is aimed at serving the needs of US based businesses, individuals and organisations in common with other ccTLDs that have a strong link with the geographic region where they are based. In the case of .us the contract is awarded by the US government and Neustar has been running the show […]

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Domain Pulse Heads to Bern

The 2019 edition of Domain Pulse will be held in Bern, Switzerland. Switch, the .ch ccTLD manager, will be the hosts for the 2019 event which is being held on February 18th and 19th in the Town Hall in Bern. Registration for the event is free and should open in the next few weeks. At […]

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A few days after going offline is back. The domain was booted by GoDaddy a few days ago and then switched to Uniregistry. Somehow, and this isn’t clear to me, the domain then moved again onto Epik. Epik did not simply accept the domain transfer, but actually seem to be welcoming it with open […]

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IGF Paris 2018 Online Registration Closed

Online pre-registration for the upcoming IGF meeting in Paris is now closed. You can still register at the venue, though whether that will have any negative implication isn’t clear. If you’ve already registered you’ll be able to pick up your badge at the following times: Friday, 9 November 2018, from 10:00 a.m. until 18:00 p.m. […]

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Universal Acceptance Testing Work Available

The Universal Acceptance Steering Group (UASG) has put out a call for expressions of interest in testing website readiness for “universal acceptance”. The concept behind “universal acceptance” is that all domain extensions should work everywhere be that for signing up for products and services or sending and receiving email etc., So whether you are using […]

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The controversial site has been shutdown by GoDaddy and given 2 days to move the domain elsewhere. The deadline expires at midnight tonight Irish time. In recent days the site has seen itself become increasingly disconnected as various service providers and online platforms including PayPal have shut the door to them. At present the […]

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Internet Watch Foundation Uses Hashes to Block Child Abuse Material

Last week during the ICANN meeting in Barcelona I attended a short presentation from the Internet Watch Foundation (IWF). Their mission is pretty simple: …eliminate child sexual abuse imagery online (source) Fortunately the presentation I was at did not include any of the actual material (which would have been illegal anyway) but even without seeing […]

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APWG & M3AAWG Survey on Whois Challenges in InfoSec

The APWG and M3AAWG recently conducted a survey among their members and the broader infosec community to get an understanding of how WHOIS changes had impacted security investigators. The survey results come from just over 300 participants’ responses. Both organisations have formally written to ICANN and are asking that ICANN make several fundamental changes to […]

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ICANN Barcelona Schedule Published

ICANN has published the schedule for the upcoming meeting in Barcelona later this month. As usual the schedule is available online and via a mobile app which is available for both IoS and Android. If you live out of your calendar (like I do!) you can subscribe to your personal schedule and have it directly […]

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IGF 2018 Paris Registration Open

Registration for the 2018 IGF has opened. The event, which is organised under the auspices of the UN, will take place in Paris from November 12 – 14 2018. Registration is free and if you are planning on attending you will need to register by November 3rd. Most of the event’s scheduled sessions is already […]

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