Daily Stormer switched to a .ru domain

Daily Stormer Back Online Using a .Ru Domain

It’s only fair to share… Daily Stormer, the right-wing hate site, has been bouncing around the internet over the last few days. After being booted by GoDaddy it switched to Google, who took the .com domain name offline. They then switched to using the “dark web” with a .onion domain. However they’ve now got themselves […]

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Blake Irving, Godaddy CEO

GoDaddy CEO Speaks About DailyStormer

It’s only fair to share…GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving has spoken to the media about DailyStormer and GoDaddy’s position with respect to domains and sites they provide services to. While the interview focussed on the Daily Stormer, Blake Irving also spoke about GoDaddy’s approach to dealing with content. The company has a large team that are […]

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dailystormer offline

DailyStormer Offline as Google Pulls Domain Registration

It’s only fair to share…DailyStormer is currently offline. If you attempt to visit the main domain name or any of its associated sections, which resided under various subdomains, you’ll either get a “host not found” error or be greeted by something like this: The domain registration’s status has changed slightly: Domain Name: DAILYSTORMER.COM Registry Domain […]

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Two Years of Dot Tech

It’s only fair to share…The guys over at Radix Registry have put together a nice little graphic to celebrate the second anniversary of the .tech TLD. Over the past two years the domain extension has grown to over 300 thousand registered domain names. In terms of users they’ve managed to get several high profile companies […]

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Explosion of nuclear bomb over city. Explosion of nuclear bomb.

Some Whois Lookup Services Might be Broken

It’s only fair to share… There are thousands of sites and services on the ‘net that offer domain name whois lookup services. As of last night many of them may have stopped working. Why? Many of them rely on fairly rudimentary software that parses the whois from Verisign (for .com and .net) and then relays […]

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