Domain seized by Spanish government

Catalan Referendum Sites Blocked by Court Order

It’s only fair to share…Websites associated with the upcoming referendum in Catalonia are being blocked by ISPs in Spain. While several of the domain names used by advocates of the Catalan referendum have been seized by authorities others are being blocked by the ISPs in Spain. For those of us outside Spain the blocking has […]

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Catalan Government Claims Spanish Online Censorship Breaching EU Laws

It’s only fair to share…The Catalan government has written to the European Commission claiming that the Spanish government is in breach of EU law. In a letter from Jordi Puigneró Secretary of Telecommunications, Cybersecurity and the Digital Society at the Government of Catalonia addressed to Andrus Ansip, European Commissioner for Digital Economy and Society, the Catalan government […]

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Fundacio punt cat logo

DotCat Registry Offices Raided by Spanish Police

It’s only fair to share…The offices of the .cat registry were raided by Spanish police this morning. The Guardia Civil officers entered the .cat registry’s offices around 9am local time this morning and have seized all computers in the domain registry’s offices in downtown Barcelona. The move comes a couple of days after a Spanish […]

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GLOBAL 3rd Year INFOGRAPHIC - Full size

3 Years of .Global

It’s only fair to share…The .global TLD has been live for 3 years and to celebrate the registry has prepared a nice graphic showing some interesting data about the domain extension’s usage (see below). At time of writing there are just over 34 thousand .global domains registered. While that number may not be as high […]

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Irish ccTLD Opens Consultation on Liberalisation

It’s only fair to share…The Irish ccTLD (.ie) currently has some rather archaic and subjective policies that are hard to understand for many. Under a new policy proposal which is currently open for public consultation this could all change quite dramatically. What is being proposed is to radically reduce the requirements for IE domain name […]

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Blake Irving, Godaddy CEO

GoDaddy CEO to Retire in December

It’s only fair to share…GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving is to retire at the end of the year. Irving, who is 58, will continue to be a member of the GoDaddy board until June 2018. Yep, after 35 years of late nights and long travel in #tech it’s time to focus on the @GoDaddy board and […]

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Daily Stormer switched to a .ru domain

Daily Stormer Back Online Using a .Ru Domain

It’s only fair to share… Daily Stormer, the right-wing hate site, has been bouncing around the internet over the last few days. After being booted by GoDaddy it switched to Google, who took the .com domain name offline. They then switched to using the “dark web” with a .onion domain. However they’ve now got themselves […]

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