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Donuts Acquires Legacy .Travel Domain Registry

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferAndrew and Kevin both covered the acquisition of the .travel TLD by Donuts, which was announced earlier today. What will Donuts do with it? I suspect they’ll try to make it as easy to register a .travel domain name as possible, though they might like to keep some level of “certification”. […]

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IE ccTLD Announces Liberalisation Date

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferThe .ie ccTLD, which is the country code domain name for Ireland has long had very restrictive policies governing registration. Even if you were Irish or had a business based in Ireland registering a domain name in the local country code extension wasn’t straightforward – at least not compared to the […]

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ICANN to Hold Registrar Event in Munich Next Week

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferICANN will be holding an event for registrars in Munich next week. The event, which will take place in the same venue as Domain Pulse, is aimed at new registrars or prospective registrars. The programme which was developed in conjunction with existing registrars and registries is aimed at giving attendees guidance […]

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ICANN Budget out for Comment

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferAs happens every year ICANN has put their budget and plans out for public comment. The organisation’s overall budget has grown significantly over the last 10 years, as has the organisations staff headcount, number of offices and other aspects of its operations. However this year’s budget is going to be quite […]

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ICANN GDPR model mapping

ICANN Maps Whois Models For GDPR

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferEarlier today ICANN held a webinar to provide an update on their data privacy activities in relation to whois and GDPR. Rather than simply talking about the various “models” they produced both a visual mapping as well as a matrix. While some attendees may not agree with how all the models […]

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IEDR policy liberalisation "last call" video

IE Domain Name Rules Changing Soon

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferLast year the .ie ccTLD opened a consultation process around “liberalisation”. As anyone who has tried to register a .ie domain name would know, compared to registering a .com or .eu the amount of paperwork and general bureaucracy associated with a .ie domain name has always been excessive. The consultation showed […]

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sophia - a robot - will headline cloudfest

CloudFest to Have Robot Keynote (Literally!)

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferCloudfest (Aka WHD Global) will be held in March this year in Rust, Germany. As usual the event will be the biggest of its kind in Europe. The organisers behind the event like to bring quirky speakers and performers to their events and this year is no different. However the keynote […]

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PIR Board Seats up for Grabs

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBufferPIR, which runs the .org domain name registry, is currently seeking applicants for positions on their board of directors. There are three positions available, one which starts immediately and two whose terms runs from the middle of 2018. Board positions have a 3 year term. If you’re interested the nominations are […]

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RegistrarStats homepage January 2018

RegistrarStats Going Dark

It's only fair to share…FacebookTwitterLinkedinRedditBuffer RegistrarStats has been around for years. It was one of the better sources of information about domain registry market share, trends and, of course, statistics on registrars. It was. It hasn’t been for quite some time. When the site was first made available most, if not all, of the data […]

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