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Gmail Now Supports IDN Email

If your first language isn’t English and you don’t use the Latin character set you can and will run into barriers. While IDN domain names ie. domain names where either the left of the dot, the right of the dot or the entire string is in characters other than Latin ones, do exist and have […]

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Belgian Country Code Now Supports IDN

Earlier this week launched IDNs (internationalised domain names). The Belgian registry opted to support the accented characters for Dutch, French and German. In so doing they’ve also ended up providing support for other European languages, such as Swedish, Finnish and Danish. The characters supported are below: ß* à á â ã ó ô þ […]

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CNNIC To Implement Alternative WHOIS

CNNIC, the .cn registry, are to implement an alternative to traditional whois. According to an announcement by ICANN’s Kurt Pritz, the Chinese organisation will be implementing a “RESTful” Whois server implementation. This is based on ongoing work within the IETF in the rather oddly named “weirds” project. Of course “weirds” is actually an acronym for: […]

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