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Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party To ICANN – Maybe You’re Hard Of Hearing?

ICANN has been sent another letter by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party. However it still isn’t on ICANN’s correspondence page – I  found it on the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party’s site. The letter, which was signed by all 28 members and represents the legal position of all 28 member states of […]

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Article 29 Working Party To ICANN – EU Registrars Exempt From Data Retention Requirements

The 2013 RAA was approved by ICANN’s board of directors less than a week ago. The new contract introduces a number of new obligations on ICANN accredited registrars, among them are several related to data validation, verification and retention. The Article 29 Working Party, however, has written to ICANN and made it very clear that […]

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Article 29 Working Party Deem RAA Asks In Violation of EU Law

The Article 29 Working Party has written to ICANN to express their concerns about some of the “asks” being tabled by law enforcement in the RAA negotiations. They focus on two areas of contention: Annual re-verification of contact details Data retention In both instances they find that the “asks” are in violation of EU law. […]

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