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ICANN Sends Breach Notice to

ICANN has sent out a number of breach notices to registrars today, however one does spring out – the one sent to, which is based in the Bahamas, received quite a bit of negative press in the past from the InfoSec community. One article on Ars Technica, for example, called them out as […]

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Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party To ICANN – Maybe You’re Hard Of Hearing?

ICANN has been sent another letter by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party. However it still isn’t on ICANN’s correspondence page – I  found it on the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party’s site. The letter, which was signed by all 28 members and represents the legal position of all 28 member states of […]

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Registrar Linked To Scott Richter Gets Slapped

ICANN’s Compliance team have sent a breach notice to registrar Dynamic Dolphin. Why? They’ve got three issues with them: Legal issues with company officers Failure to comply with the domain transfer policy (IRTP) Not providing registration agreements to registrants The first one, however, is probably the “meatiest” of the lot. Scott Richter has a rather […]

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ICANN Publish Data Retention Waiver Details

ICANN has published details of the process that registrars signing the 2013 RAA will need to follow in order to be granted a waiver. Under the 2013 contract registrars will have to collect and retain a lot more data in relation to their customers, which could be in conflict with national laws governing data protection […]

Continue Reading Sent Breach Notice By ICANN, which is part of the group of companies, has been sent a breach notice by ICANN’s compliance department. The notice, which I’m attaching below, covers a number of issues, including records for some domains, links to specific policies and data escrow. What’s a little different with this notice is the angle that ICANN […]

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Chinese Registrar Not Escrowing Data Correctly

ICANN’s compliance team have been quite busy so far this year. In one of their most recently published breach notices against Chinese registrar Xin Net is getting “slapped” for “Repeated failure to escrow gTLD registration data pursuant to Section 3.6 of the RAA” Unlike other compliance actions where the registrar in question simply has not […]

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Article 29 Working Party To ICANN – EU Registrars Exempt From Data Retention Requirements

The 2013 RAA was approved by ICANN’s board of directors less than a week ago. The new contract introduces a number of new obligations on ICANN accredited registrars, among them are several related to data validation, verification and retention. The Article 29 Working Party, however, has written to ICANN and made it very clear that […]

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Nominet Puts Draft Registrar Agreement Out For Consultation

Nominet, the .uk domain name registry, has published a draft registrar contract for consultation. The registry had been planning a revision of its contracts for some time. Full details of the consultation, as well as the related documents, may be found here. Nominet are currently planning two public sessions to discuss the contract in July, […]

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Melbourne IT CEO and Managing Director, Theo Hnarakis

Melbourne IT Sells Off Brand Services Division

Melbourne IT has sold off its corporate domains business to CSC domains. They’d previously acquired the division in 2008 when they bought Verisign’s DBMS business for US$50 million. The sale netted the company AU$152.5 million (approximately US$157 million, EUR120 million). Here’s the full release: MELBOURNE, Australia – 12 March 2013 – Melbourne IT (ASX: MLB) […]

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ICANN Terminates Two More Registrars

In the last couple of days ICANN has terminated two more registrars for breaching their contracts – CI Host (PDF) and Power Brand Center (PDF). CI Host seems to have vanished. Their listed website no longer works and the contact details that ICANN had for them are no longer valid – the offices are now […]

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