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APWG Publish Global Phishing Survey H2 2014

The APWG is meeting this week in Barcelona. The event, which is being attended by security professionals, researchers, law enforcement and others will be hearing this afternoon about the APWG’s Global Phishing Survey for the second half of 2014. The report (PDF) was produced by Greg Aaron and Rod Rasmussen is well worth reading if […]

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ICANN’s SSAC Explained (sort of)

One of ICANN’s core missions is maintaining “security and stability” and a key way that this happens is via the work of the SSAC. SSAC = the Security and Stability Advisory Committee. Unless you’re a bit of an ICANN “insider” however, you may not be familiar with how they work or what they do, so […]

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DNS Belgium To Offer Registry Lock

DNS Belgium, the operator of both the .be ccTLD as well as .brussels and .vlaanderen, has announced the upcoming launch of “Domain Guard”. The new service, which is comparable to other registries’ “registry lock” service, will be available from mid-November. The service, which will be offered via .be registrars, will offer registrants the ability to […]

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ICANN’s Registrar Extranet Taken Offline Due to Security Issues

ICANN  announced late last night that they had taken RADAR, which is essentially an extranet for registrars, offline due to security issues. Here’s the official announcement: ICANN has taken its registrar contact information database (RADAR) offline temporarily. This action was taken as a precautionary measure after it was learned that an unauthorized party viewed data […]

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Nominet Launch Pilot Of Security Service

Nominet, the UK domain registry, have announced a pilot of their new “cyber security” service aimed at small business. The new service which is being marketed under the moniker of “Nominet Cyber Assist”. The service was first announced back in February. It’s not clear if Nominet intend to charge for the service once the 3 […]

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ccTLD Registries Under Attack?

In the past 24 hours both the .nl domain registry and .be domain registry have been attacked. The .be registry‘s public facing website was defaced, though the defacement had no impact on the registry data. As would be expected the registry data is not linked to the public facing website. informed registrars that they […]

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IEDR Issue Statement About Security Incident

IEDR issued a statement yesterday in relation to the hijacking of and The statement (IEDR_Statement_F_issued_9_November_2012) which is included below admits that their site was compromised and that the registrar was not to blame. IEDR has concluded an investigation by the company and external security consultants of an unauthorised intrusion into the company’s systems […]

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IEDR Take Website Offline Following High Profile Domain Hijacks

The IEDR websites are currently unavailable. However this time there is a holding page which carries a simple explanatory message: IEDR systems are currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers. As you may be aware, there was a security incident on Tuesday 9th October, involving two high profile .ie domains. There was […]

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This could prove to be quite embarrassing. It looks like IEDR have allowed the nameservers for the domain to be updated to point to a 3rd party and away from Google. Effectively this means that and any services that rely on it are currently not working. Here’s the current whois record for […]

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Icelandic Registry To Introduce “Very Important Domains”

The Icelandic registry (.is) plans on introducing extra levels of protection to some domains and their registrants. The new program is called “Very Important Domains” or VID for short (yes another acronym and you’ll have to excuse my childish snigger when I misread it as VDS) It’s not clear from the registry’s announcement how exactly […]

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.Nz Registry Enables DNSSEC

The .nz domain registry has announced that they have enabled DNSSEC in the New Zealand namespace: New Zealanders will be able to better secure their web presence from today, thanks to a major technical security deployment by InternetNZ subsidiaries .nz Registry Services (NZRS) and the Domain Name Commission (DNCL). Following more than two years of […]

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