Catching Up On Domain News

Since I haven’t been posting on here as often as I used to for a variety of reasons here are a few articles that I thought were newsworthy:

Laos possibly pulling back .la? – .la, which was re-purposed as the extension for Los Angeles might go back under Laos control. Good article by Kevin.

Email sender hacked – Epsilon got hacked and a large number of email addresses are now “in the wild”. While there’s plenty being written about the hack and the potential (ab)use of the email addresses what I find particularly interesting is how the company’s clients are handling the situation.

Old woman disconnects an entire country. From the “WTF?” department. The internet is very robust, but when someone physically cuts the fibre BGP can’t really help

EU domains now available for up to 10 year registrations. This is long overdue and I’m delighted that you can now register a .eu for up to 10 years. Life just got that small bit simpler.

GoDaddy’s Christine Jones provides details (PDF) of how they’ve been working with law enforcement and others to take down dodgy domains. One of the problems in recent months is that some law enforcement agencies have been going direct to the registries (eg. Verisign) to get domains taken down which causes a lot of headaches for everyone.

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