Nominet Elections – Big and Small Elected

Nominet’s non-executive director elections have been going on for the last few weeks. They have, as usual, been a little controversial, as various parties made accusations against both Nominet, its board, staff and the other candidates (not necessarily in that order and not necessarily by the same people at the same time .. )

This is “normality”, though it’s not particularly healthy in many respects.

This year’s candidates were Denesh Bhabuta, Oliver Hope, Sebastien Lahtinen, Oscar O’Connor and Hazel Pegg. Sebastien Lahtinen had served as a non-executive director to Nominet for the last couple of years and was one of the candidates that Nominet was suggesting members vote for.

In the end, however, the Nominet members chose Oliver Hope and Denesh Bhabuta.

Oliver Hope works for Host Europe Group, while Denesh Bhabuta is a consultant.

The elections itself had a very low turnout with only 15% of the members voting. As usual Nominet have provided a full breakdown of the votes here (PDF)




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