RIPE Introduces Code of Conduct for Mailing Lists

RIPE has introduced a code of conduct for its mailing lists. In common with many technical organisations and communities a lot of the work within the RIPE community is conducted via mailing lists. The organisation already had a code of conduct for its face to face meetings, but it didn’t cover interactions on the mailing lists.

Here’s the text of the code of conduct in full:

The RIPE community’s strength comes from its breadth of experience, diversity of views, and an open, respectful exchange of ideas. These are values that we want all of our community members to uphold.

Please treat each other with tolerance and respect. Free speech and an open exchange of ideas is encouraged and celebrated. Demeaning, intimidating or harming other community members is wrong. We are especially sensitive to behaviour that offends based on gender, sexual orientation, religion, race or ethnic origin, or other perceived social, cultural, or personal differences.

RIPE community members should not spam mailing lists, post others’ personal information, register multiple accounts to avoid moderation or mislead participants, impersonate others, or make threats. Overt marketing or promotional activities are discouraged.

Chairs are responsible for facilitating and moderating the RIPE community’s discussions. At times they may direct an individual to cease a certain type of behaviour. Chairs have the authority to moderate or ban disruptive community members if they decide this is necessary.

If you believe that someone is behaving contrary to this code of conduct, please inform the relevant Chair or the RIPE Chair.

There’s nothing controversial in the code of conduct, though it does clarify that working group chairs have the ability to ban or moderate members who are disruptive.

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