World Hosting Days Rebrands as Cloud Fest

World Hosting Days aka WHD has rebranded itself as “Cloud Fest“.

They’re describing themselves as:

CloudFest is a world-leading conference geared toward the cloud, hosting, and service provider industries. Focusing on three distinctive pillars – growth, connectivity and learning – our festivals provide cloud professionals access to the latest technologies, innovations, and trends that make modern, digital communication possible.

I’m not 100% sure about the name change. The term “cloud” is overused and essentially meaningless, but it might be easier to market to some people than “hosting”? Either way I’d hope that the rebrand doesn’t “break” the model they’ve had for the main event in Germany for the last few years. Sure, it’s got some “cheesy” aspects to it, but from a business perspective it’s very useful for many of us who attend every year.

The main man behind WHD / Cloud Fest is Soeren von Varchmin and he’s taken his role very seriously – going so far as to get the new brand tattooed onto his body!

See the video below (if you’re not too squeamish!):

Cloud Fest 2018 will be held in Rust, Germany March 10-16 2018. The preliminary schedule is available here. The first two days are dedicated to a hackathon, so most attendees will probably arrive Monday.


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