Middle East DNS Forum Issues Call for Committee Members

The Middle East DNS Forum is now heading into its 5th year, with previous editions being held in Cairo, Tunis, Amman and Dubai.

In common with many conferences the event’s program committee is made up of volunteers. They’ve issued a call for volunteers to the committee as 3 of the current 6 members have rotated off.

If you’re interested you should have knowledge of one or more of the following areas:

  • DNS Registry and Registrar Operations;
  • Domain Name Marketing and Business Development;
  • DNS Protocols and Technologies, including DNSSEC, IPv6, IDNs, etc.;
  • DNS Security Planning, Management, and Enforcement;
  • Expertise in event planning and agenda development;
  • Strong network of contacts;
  • Knowledge of digital economy and Internet Industry in the context of domain names;
  • Close relation to civil society that is working on Internet related issues and rights, yet remaining within the context of domain names; and
  • Has a knowledge of GDPR/Data Privacy issues.

If you are chosen to serve on the committee it’ll be for a two year term through until the conclusion of the ME DNS Forum in 2019.

NB: the roles are unpaid and will require you to be actively involved in the planning of the upcoming events.

Interested? Application is open until Monday January 15th 2018 at 2359 UTC. You can complete the application online here.


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