PIR Board Seats up for Grabs

PIR, which runs the .org domain name registry, is currently seeking applicants for positions on their board of directors. There are three positions available, one which starts immediately and two whose terms runs from the middle of 2018. Board positions have a 3 year term.

If you’re interested the nominations are open until February 1st, with the chosen board members expected to be announced early in March.

ISOC is responsible for appointing the PIR board members, so you can find full information about the criteria on their site here.

Here’s some of the qualities they’re looking for in board member candidates:

Very strong business acumen, an understanding of the Board’s oversight role, and experience relevant to overseeing a $100 million online business;
Good understanding of the functioning of the Internet and the associated technologies;
Demonstrated abilities as a long-term, strategic thinker;
High ethical standards and integrity;
Well-developed collaboration and consensus-building skills;
Strong communication skills;
Passion and energy for the role.
Very strong financial acumen;
Familiarity with U.S. Tax law under which PIR operates, especially as it pertains to the 501(c)3 status for non-profits (this is in no way intended to restrict candidates to those from the U.S.);
Venture-oriented; Experience finding efficiencies and growth in stable markets;
Good understanding of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs);
Experience and careers outside of the traditional ICANN/TLD/Domain-business area, which could help provide more outside independent viewpoints for the PIR Board;
Demonstrated experience with technological aspects of the Internet and more specifically the DNS;
Technical experience outside of but relevant to the domain name industry, such as with email, web hosting, cloud services, or other broader online service delivery.

The board positions are paid with active board members getting $12000 a year plus their travel expenses. The time commitment is fairly significant encompassing 15 full days per year excluding travel time.



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