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Scottish Parliament Switching Over To .Scot

The Scottish parliament announced earlier today that it will be switching over to a .scot domain name in May. At the moment they use From May they will have moved entirely to This is a nice “win” for the .scot registry, which has been gaining popularity with Scottish individuals and businesses. According to nTLD Stats […]

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Art. 29 Data Protection Working Party To ICANN – Maybe You’re Hard Of Hearing?

ICANN has been sent another letter by the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party. However it still isn’t on ICANN’s correspondence page – I  found it on the Article 29 Data Protection Working Party’s site. The letter, which was signed by all 28 members and represents the legal position of all 28 member states of […]

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.Kz Registry Clarifies Position On Nameservers

The .kz registry (Kazakhstan) recently contacted domain registrants informing them that they needed to host their domains “in country”. They have since clarified that the rules will only apply to new registrations and not to existing domains. (via MailClub) Seemingly this is their idea of how to develop their country’s internet industry and infrastructure! Here’s […]

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