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ICANN Seeking Volunteers for WHOIS Review

ICANN announced yesterday that it is seeking volunteers for the WHOIS review team. To be more precise, the review is actually focussed on the “Registration Directory Service”, as the terminology and technology is evolving. There are currently quite a few other “whois related” activities going on within ICANN’s policy development system. So why is ICANN […]

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ICANN Meeting Gear Destroyed In Shipping Fire

The logistics behind the ICANN public meetings are truly impressive. To hold a meeting with remote participation, simultaneous interpretation and other features requires both skilled staff and literally tonnes of equipment. After every ICANN meeting the equipment is packed up and shipped to the next meeting venue. Unfortunately last month part of ICANN’s meetings equipment […]

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US Senator Ted Cruz

Cruz and Other GOP Senators Continue Crusade Against IANA Transition

Senator Cruz has been joined by 10 other Republican Senators in yet another “call to arms” regarding the IANA transition. While the statement, reproduced below, is quite brief it is packed with emotive buzzwords that will probably resonate with the more conservative element. The amount of mainstream media attention on the IANA transition has increased […]

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Senator Cruz’ ICANN Witch-hunt In Full [Video]

If you’ve got about 3 hours to spare you can watch the hearing about the IANA transition that was held earlier today. The witnesses’ written testimony can be accessed here. Here’s the full video of the hearing, which is in two parts: It’s worth watching, with some of the highlights in the first part being […]

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John Horton, a former Bush White House anti-drug crusader and founder of LegitScript, which tracks online pharmacies.

LegitScript’s CEO John Horton Takes Aim At ICANN

LegitScript‘s CEO John Horton has been an outspoken critic of ICANN and what he perceives as its lack of oversight of registrars for many years. Horton is one of several witnesses who will be participating in Senator Ted Cruz’ organised hearing today in Washington DC. As is normal with Congressional hearings, the witnesses prepare written […]

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Cruz’ Speech To Senate 8 September 2016

The US Senate provides full transcripts of all speeches, though there’s a delay of a day or so between a speech being read and the transcript being published. So here’s the full transcript of Senator Ted Cruz’ speech on the IANA transition from last week (source): “Mr. President, today our country faces a threat to […]

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