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CENTR Members Pass 70 Million Domains Milestone

CENTR, which is the association for European ccTLDs, has announced that its members, which are all country code top level domain registries, have surpassed the 70 million domains mark. The number of registrations comes from 57 ccTLDs and IDN ccTLDs in 49 countries. They’ve produced a graphic to illustrate the milestone: More details on the CENTR […]

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The .se registry's "Domain Pirates" campaign

Swedish ccTLD Registry Using Fear To Sell Domains

The .se domain name registry is currently running a promotional campaign aimed at individuals to encourage them to register theirname.se Unfortunately the registry has chosen to use an incredibly negative and rather odd method to reach the potential market. FUD. Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt. Not the best of tactics in my view and from what […]

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Domaining Europe 2015 Save The Dates

Domaining Europe will take place again next year in Valencia. The 2015 edition will be the 7th! So save the dates: 23rd to 25th of April 2015 (the Saturday is usually a networking activity of some kind) I’ve attended, spoken and moderated at the last couple of editions and it’s good fun. Unlike a lot of conferences […]

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IEDR Publish 2012 Domain Figures

IEDR have published their latest annual report which covers the period up to the end of 2012. Here’s a few of the highlights: Renewal rate of 86% Total .ie domains at year-end of 182,284, up 5.3% year-on-year New .ie domain registrations down 15% on 2011 By way of comparison the .no domain registry (Norway) currently […]

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ccTLD Registries Under Attack?

In the past 24 hours both the .nl domain registry and .be domain registry have been attacked. The .be registry‘s public facing website was defaced, though the defacement had no impact on the registry data. As would be expected the registry data is not linked to the public facing website. DNS.be informed registrars that they […]

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Icelandic Registry To Introduce “Very Important Domains”

The Icelandic registry (.is) plans on introducing extra levels of protection to some domains and their registrants. The new program is called “Very Important Domains” or VID for short (yes another acronym and you’ll have to excuse my childish snigger when I misread it as VDS) It’s not clear from the registry’s announcement how exactly […]

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Nic MX's registrar division is now known as Akky

Nic MX Rebrands Registrar Division

The .mx registry, Nic MX, has rebranded its registrar division as “Akky” and sports a new logo and corporate image. They’ve adopted the hare as their new image stating that it symbolises agility, speed and warmth (or maybe I messed up the translation!) The new site doesn’t have any additional information on what exactly they’re […]

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.de registered names

Denic Breaks 15 Million Names

Denic, the registry operator for .de, the country code for Germany, has now got over 15 million domain names registered. The registry operator is currently showing 15,000,530 names in total, so the 15 million milestone was probably hit in the last couple of hours. I suspect they’ll make an official announcement in the next day […]

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AFNIC logo

AFNIC To Hold Webcast On Registry Changes

AFNIC’s CEO Mathieu Wiell and Isabel Toutaud will be holding a webcast this Friday from 11am to 12 (CET). The session will cover a number of topics including: the change in procedure for registering listed terms (banned words, reserved words), the new dispute resolution procedure, access to the list of domain names registered under the […]

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Irish Registrar Suggests Alternate Father’s Day Gift

Irish domain name registrar and hosting provider Blacknight is pushing discounted .me domain names as an alternative to the more traditional Father’s Day gifts. Blacknight (http://www.blacknight.com) are helping to make your Father’s Day a success by offering .Me domains at €4.99. Surprise your father by registering a “Dadsname.me” (http://dadsname.me/) domain name. ME is one of […]

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Rod Beckstrom and Peter Dengate Thrush - Regis...

Why Won’t ICANN Answer Questions?

During the last public ICANN meeting in San Francisco there was a public forum. This is quite normal. Several people asked questions of the ICANN board, some were answered, others weren’t. Why not? Nigel Roberts from the Channel Isles registry asked the following (for the sake of clarity I’m republishing the entire section of the […]

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