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DNS.com Rebrands as DNSbyComodo.com

Comodo, the SSL company, acquired DNS.com back in 2011. They rebranded it to “DNS by Comodo”, but they kept the premium .com domain name as their main site and everything else. Earlier this evening users were contacted with the news that Comodo is switching everything over to DNSbyComodo.com Users will need to update their nameservers […]

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DNS Belgium Chooses Pool.com

DNS Belgium, which is running both .brussels and .vlaanderen have announced their choice of auction provider. They’ve chosen Canadian company Pool.com to handle their  domain name auctions for situations where there are more than one applicants for the same domain: During the first phase (‘sunrise 1’) brand owners, authorities, companies and associations can register a […]

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Telnic Increasing Wholesale Price by $1

Telnic, the .tel registry, have informed registrars that the wholesale rate for .tel domain names will be increased by $1 per year from $8 / year to $9/year effective December 1 2013. How are they justifying such a hefty price increase? This increase takes into account inflation rates and the continuing maintenance, development and provision […]

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DotGreen Is No More

Kevin reported on this last night. As you can see from the reactions to his post a lot of people are surprised, shocked and even quite upset that the DotGreen application has been withdrawn. It’s not the only application for the string, which is why it was withdrawn, but to many people in the ICANN […]

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New Domain Association Site Launched

During the regional ICANN meeting in Amsterdam earlier this year there was a “side meeting” held by several companies in the domain name industry. The objective? To work on some form of strategy for marketing and education around the domain name industry and domains in general. The meeting was organised by Google‘s new TLD team, […]

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IEDR Switch A Nameserver

While this might not be terribly exciting unless you’re a DNS geek .. IEDR have changed one of their nameservers. Banba is no more. Well it’s still there .. .. it’s just not in the root anymore: eg. dig +trace log.ie ; <<>> DiG 9.7.3 <<>> +trace log.ie ;; global options: +cmd .           […]

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Verisign To Dual Stack EPP Servers

Verisign has been offering IPv6 connections to their EPP servers for the last year. However as of March 14th the Verisign registry backend will become dual stacked ie. the hostnames for IPv4 and IPv6 connections will be identical. While this may not impact that many registrars now, it will become more important over time, though […]

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IEDR Issue Statement About Security Incident

IEDR issued a statement yesterday in relation to the hijacking of google.ie and yahoo.ie The statement (IEDR_Statement_F_issued_9_November_2012) which is included below admits that their site was compromised and that the registrar was not to blame. IEDR has concluded an investigation by the company and external security consultants of an unauthorised intrusion into the company’s systems […]

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IEDR Claim Website Will Be Restored Tomorrow

The IEDR’s main website has been in “maintenance mode” for the last two weeks with a simple message about a security incident being displayed. As of this morning, however, it has been updated with slightly different text: IE Domain Registry (IEDR) has restored services to all of its customers. Our corporate website, which is moving […]

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IEDR Take Website Offline Following High Profile Domain Hijacks

The IEDR websites are currently unavailable. However this time there is a holding page which carries a simple explanatory message: IEDR systems are currently unavailable. We apologise for the inconvenience to our customers. As you may be aware, there was a security incident on Tuesday 9th October, involving two high profile .ie domains. There was […]

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