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URL Shortening (Photo credit: mag3737)

BRS Media, the people behing both .am and .fm domain registries, have released the rather aptly named “Top 40” of .fm domain names.

The list includes some familiar names (to me), while others are not so well known, at least to a Westerner like me.

The top 10 are:

  1. – A Chinese music site. Seemingly targetted at a youthful demographic
  2. – Warner Brothers Records – they’re using it as their URL shortener for social media sharing
  3. – The world’s largest social music platform and one of my personal favourites
  4. – an online MP3 shop from the UK
  5. – Poll Daddy‘s URL shortener. Poll Daddy, which was founded in Ireland, is owned by Automattic ie. the guys behind WordPress.
  6. – Russian radio
  7. – Polish online radio
  8. – Online music site from the Ukraine
  9. – Russian music for children
  10. – email hosting service

BRS also recently announced that they were applying for .radio as part of ICANN’s new TLD program.

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