Launched To Help Sandy Victims

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The .me registry launched earlier this afternoon. The site’s concept is dead simple – to help people affected by the Sandy super-storm in New York and along the US Eastern seaboard.

It’s not a complicated or “sexy” site. It doesn’t have to be. What it is, however, is a fantastic example of a domain name being put to work to benefit fellow human beings. The guys in .me aren’t doing this simply to garner a bit of positive publicity, though I’m sure they’d love it. They’re doing it because they’re a sincere group of people who came up with a simple idea that can help their fellow man.

Here’s their official press release which covers it all quite nicely:

.ME launches Help.ME An Online Resource for Disaster Relief Donations

November 8, 2012 – Podgorica, Montenegro – The .ME Registry, the organization that operates the .ME Internet extension, announces the launch of Help.ME – a disaster relief website that connects donors with reputable charities.

Inspired by the desire to assist communities that were hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, the team behind the .ME Registry has created Help.ME as a resource to expedite the process of finding reliable ways to donate to relief organizations. Help.ME matches donors with relevant and secure donation websites, assuring donors that the funds they are contributing have the greatest chance of reaching their intended targets.

Help.ME assists in closing the time gap between when a disaster occurs and when relief donations are made. In a situation like the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, where aid begins immediately, it greatly helps the responding organizations to begin receiving funds as quickly as possible.

DotME Registry CEO Predrag Lesic explains, “the .ME Registry is based in Montenegro, but .ME domains are globally available and we have partners and customers all over the world. When a tragedy like this happens, we feel it is our duty to help. As an organization, we are passionate about connecting people with the resources they need to make a positive change.”

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, .ME Registry would like to call on all of their partners to join them in donating time, money and/or goods to the people of New York and New Jersey who are suffering the aftermath of the storm. The Registry itself will donate one dollar from every domain registered between November 8 and 12.

Lesic continues, “we have a special relationship with the city of New York, as it is home to many of our partners and friends. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by this disaster. It is at times like these that it is important to remember that while much of our lives may be spent online, we must also take care of the lives and spaces offline. Please give anything you can, every bit helps.”

DotME would also like to remind those donating to Hurricane Sandy relief that, unfortunately, when disasters strike, scammers often surface to take advantage of people looking to make donations. The .ME Registry urges anyone making a charitable contribution to Hurricane Sandy disaster relief to donate only to reputable organizations.

To learn more about Help.ME and its resources, please visit

To learn more about the .ME Registry and the opportunities to develop your business idea using a premium .ME domain, or to find out how to register a .ME domain name, go to




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