Making Sense of GAC Advice?

On the final day of the recent ICANN meeting in Beijing the GAC, which includes representatives from many countries’ governments, issued their communique as they do at all ICANN meetings.

While the contents of a GAC communique always attracts commentary and reaction, the GAC communique from Beijing has probably provoked more debate, anger and confusion than any other.

ICANN’s board of directors has opened a public comment period on specific elements of the advice and several applicants and commentators have already made their thoughts known.

Kevin Murphy’s recent post, while very witty, highlights some of the issues with the communique.

So the recent interview between ICANN’s Brad White and the chair of the GAC, Heather Dryden, is well worth watching:

Whether it helps you to understand what the GAC is saying or not is another matter, but it might give you some insights into where it came from .. or maybe not?


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