ICANN Opens Hotel Reservations for London Meeting

ICANN has quietly launched the site for this summer’s meeting in London.

If you’re a domain geek (and since you’re reading this site you probably are .. ) you might notice that the URL structure has changed.

Up until now ICANN was using $city$meetingnumber.icann.org whereas now they’re using meetings.icann.org/$meetingnumber

I don’t know if that is a significant change or simply a minor tweak ..

In any case most people looking at the meeting site at the moment are probably most interested in booking a hotel room.

The venue hotel is probably close to capacity already, though it is one of the biggest hotels in Europe – Hilton London Metropole.

If you are planning on attending check out the hotel list on the meeting site, but bear in mind it’s London, so there are plenty of other options available, though you might need to commute a bit.

NB: Check the booking / cancellation rules on the ICANN site. They’re a lot stricter than the normal Hilton cancellation rules.

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