DNS.com Rebrands as DNSbyComodo.com

dnscom-comodoComodo, the SSL company, acquired DNS.com back in 2011.

They rebranded it to “DNS by Comodo”, but they kept the premium .com domain name as their main site and everything else.

Earlier this evening users were contacted with the news that Comodo is switching everything over to DNSbyComodo.com

Users will need to update their nameservers and if they’re using the API the end point has also changed.

DNS.com is now just a “holder” with news of the rebranding.

Here’s the full email they sent out:

Attention, Michele Neylon!

This notice is to alert you to a big change happening.

DNS.com is now DNSbyComodo.com

As part of this change we will require that you move the nameservers for all your domains that are in use to the following nameservers.

Please note that you will need to update the nameservers in the DNSbyComodo.com panel interface before you update them with the registrar.

  •  ns1.dnsbycomodo.net
  •  ns2.dnsbycomodo.net
  •  ns3.dnsbycomodo.net 
  • ns4.dnsbycomodo.net

Along with the change to your nameservers any users using the API will need to change the hostname they contact to https://app.dnsbycomodo.com/ If you have any questions please contact support at support@dnsbycomodo.com or support@dns.com The step to move a domain will be as follows: • Update the nameserver records in the DNSbyComodo.com panel or API. • Change the nameserver records with your registrar.


Regards, DNS.com now DNSbyComodo.com



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3 Responses to DNS.com Rebrands as DNSbyComodo.com

  1. Volker Greimann March 6, 2014 at 9:06 pm #

    Reds new, shakes head…
    …checks calendar:
    “Nope, not April First!”…
    Shakes head…

    Well, if they no longer need it, maybe they’ll let me take that useless name off their hands…

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