GoDaddy Pulls Out Of SuperBowl

According to an article over on Market Watch GoDaddy will not be advertising during Super Bowl 50 next February.

GoDaddy had been running ads during the Super Bowl for the last 10 years with several of its adverts attracting plenty of controversy.

Some of the earlier ads they ran featured the GoDaddy girls, like this one:

Over the years the style and tone of the ads changed, but the 2013 ad featuring not only Danica Patrick, but also Bar Refaeli, who ends up kissing Jesse Heiman (aka the World’s Greatest Extra):

In 2015 sexy young ladies were replaced by a puppy, however the tone of the advert didn’t go down as well with the public as the company might have liked:

The puppy ad attracted a lot of negative criticism and was replaced by a different ad focussing on GoDaddy’s services to small businesses.

GoDaddy will, apparently, be focussing its marketing efforts and advertising dollars on reaching its clients and potential clients using other means.

The company is the world’s largest domain name registrar, with around 32% of the domain name market, so brand recognition via Super Bowl isn’t a priority.

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