Nominet Publish Lyons Report And Board Response

Nominet have published the Lyons report.

The report was prepared by Sir Michael Lyons at Nominet’s request to investigate the registry’s operations.

While the report was delivered to Nominet’s Board late last year the registry decided to wait until they had formulated responses to the recommendations prior to publishing it or their response.

What will probably meet with some criticism from members is that the lag between the receipt of the report and today’s publication is so long that Nominet has been perceived to be delaying or possibly hiding the report’s contents.

Here’s the report:


And here is Nominet’s response:


As can be seen from the response they feel that some of the recommendations are valid, while others they are questioning.
Personally I still disagree with how the Nominet Board handle election candidates and wish they would stop interfering.

How this report and Nominet’s handling of it will play out is anyone’s guess, though I suspect that some of Nominet’s more vocal critics will not be satisfied.

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