LegitScript’s CEO John Horton Takes Aim At ICANN

LegitScript‘s CEO John Horton has been an outspoken critic of ICANN and what he perceives as its lack of oversight of registrars for many years.

Horton is one of several witnesses who will be participating in Senator Ted Cruz’ organised hearing today in Washington DC.

As is normal with Congressional hearings, the witnesses prepare written statements in advance of the hearings, so here’s what Horton will be putting on the record today and it’s not pretty:

Horton, in case you aren’t aware, is primarily concerned with the sale of fake or illegal prescription drugs online. And has repeatedly cited issues with registrars allegedly turning a blind eye to the activities of their clients.

Whether Horton is in support of the IANA transition as a concept or not doesn’t really matter, his testimony today will be used by Cruz and his supporters as a way of bolstering their criticism of the transition plans. Though of course they’re calling it the “internet giveaway”.

It is, however, rather amusing that Cruz would ask Horton to speak, as Horton would ask for things that Cruz apparently opposes .. or maybe that’s only when it suits him?

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