Domain Geek? Amazon Are Hiring A Domain Portfolio and Risk Control Program Manager

amazon-logoBig companies hold huge portfolios of domain names. We aren’t talking about a few hundred domain names, but in many cases literally thousands of domain names. While most of the big companies rely on specialised domain registrars to look after their domain registrations, they often have internal staff who deal with the day to day management of their domains.

Amazon is one of the biggest internet companies on the planet, so their domain name portfolio is going to be equally big. They’re also a target for phishing attacks and every other type of scam and abusive activity you can think of, plus ones you can’t even imagine. A lot of these attacks and issues are done using the DNS at some point.

They’re currently advertising to fill the role of “Domain Portfolio and Risk Control Program Manager”, which is part of Amazon’s legal team, though they don’t appear to be seeking applicants with legal qualifications. If you’ve got a passion for domains and a good understanding of how big companies use them this job could be ideal. Amazon would be an interesting company to work for.

You can read about the role’s requirements in full here.

The job is based in Seattle.

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