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The .us ccTLD registry is aimed at serving the needs of US based businesses, individuals and organisations in common with other ccTLDs that have a strong link with the geographic region where they are based. In the case of .us the contract is awarded by the US government and Neustar has been running the show for years.

Several years ago they setup a Stakeholder Council (of which I am a member) to look at the policies and processes around the .us ccTLD. One of the things the council has tried to do is to get input from the broader internet community. So it is with that in mind that a “town hall” is being held to share information and garner feedback.

The event will feature several members of the Stakeholder Council as well as Neustar staff:

  • Shane Tews — Host, Chair .US Stakeholder Council
  • Crystal Peterson — Director, Registry Services Neustar
  • Becky Burr — Deputy General Counsel Neustar
  • Judy Song — Council Secretariat, Director of Registry Policy, Compliance & Business Affairs

Full information is available here. The event is free to attend and will be held on November 29th at 11am EDT (1600 GMT , 1600 UTC)

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