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DotUS Organising “Town Hall”

The .us ccTLD registry is aimed at serving the needs of US based businesses, individuals and organisations in common with other ccTLDs that have a strong link with the geographic region where they are based. In the case of .us the contract is awarded by the US government and Neustar has been running the show […]

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Donuts logo

Donuts Acquires Legacy .Travel Domain Registry

Andrew and Kevin both covered the acquisition of the .travel TLD by Donuts, which was announced earlier today. What will Donuts do with it? I suspect they’ll try to make it as easy to register a .travel domain name as possible, though they might like to keep some level of “certification”. What that’ll look like […]

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Example of phish (via SIDN)

Phishing Attack Targets .Nl Registrants

SIDN, the .nl domain name registry, has issued an alert to its registrars about a phishing attack targetting .nl registrants. The emails carry the subject line “Domeinnaam.nl updaten” (“Update domainname.nl”) Here’s what it looks like: More information on the SIDN site.

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IEDR Announce Longer Opening Hours

IEDR, who run the .ie ccTLD’s operations, have announced longer opening hours. In an email to registrars this morning the company announced that they would be extending their opening hours during weekdays, as well as introducing half days on Saturdays. Registration Services will operate from 8.00am to 6.30pm, Monday to Friday (please note that the […]

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ICM To Launch Search.xxx This Week

ICM Registry, the company behind the .xxx top level domain, are getting into the search business. This Thursday they’ll launch search.xxx, which is going to allow you to “search .XXX” ie. developed sites that use the .xxx top level domain. If you use a .xxx domain name and want to find out about getting it […]

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Nic MX's registrar division is now known as Akky

Nic MX Rebrands Registrar Division

The .mx registry, Nic MX, has rebranded its registrar division as “Akky” and sports a new logo and corporate image. They’ve adopted the hare as their new image stating that it symbolises agility, speed and warmth (or maybe I messed up the translation!) The new site doesn’t have any additional information on what exactly they’re […]

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