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RIPE Announces Meeting Dates and Locations

RIPE has announced its meeting dates and locations from now until May 2015! Very handy if you like to be able to plan in advance. Here are the dates and venues: RIPE Meetings RIPE 67: Athens, Greece, 14-18 October 2013 RIPE 68: Warsaw, Poland, 12-16 May 2014 RIPE 69: London, 3-7 November 2014 (TBC) RIPE […]

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RIPE 66 Registrations Open

The 66th RIPE public meeting is taking place this May in Dublin. Registrations are now open with prices ranging from 125 Euro for a day to 350 Euro for the full meeting. The meeting venue is Dublin’s Burlington hotel which is quite central. Full details on the official meeting site.

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RIPE NCC Announce Emergency Hotline

RIPE NCC, the RIR for EMEA, has announced a new 24/7/365 emergency hotline. The hotline comes as a result of feedback from RIPE members: RIPE NCC members told us that they needed to reach us 24/7 in emergency situations following the reverse DNS outage in June 2012. Our members asked and we listened. Full details […]

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RIPE Coming To Dublin in May

The 66th RIPE public meeting is being held in Dublin, Ireland in May 2013 Dublin’s Burlington hotel will play host to the event which will attract network operators from the RIPE region (Europe mainly) to Dublin for a week of meetings and networking of the more social variety. More information on the meeting site.

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RIPE RPKI Breaks 1000 Barrier

RIPE have announced that the 1000th LIR has signed up for RPKI. Considering that only a few months ago there was a distinct possibility that RPKI would be halted entirely in the RIPE region this milestone is of extra significance. Resource Certification offers LIRs validatable proof of holdership. In addition, it allows LIRs to make […]

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RIPE Members Vote To Continue RPKI Work

RIPE 63 is on this week in Vienna, Austria. Yesterday evening saw the General Meeting where members were asked to vote on a number of motions. While some of the motions were more formalities than anything else, the votes on RPKI and the membership fee structure for 2012 provoked some emotive debate. As a member […]

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