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APWG & M3AAWG Survey on Whois Challenges in InfoSec

The APWG and M3AAWG recently conducted a survey among their members and the broader infosec community to get an understanding of how WHOIS changes had impacted security investigators. The survey results come from just over 300 participants’ responses. Both organisations have formally written to ICANN and are asking that ICANN make several fundamental changes to […]

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ICANN Sues German Registrar Over GDPR

ICANN announced Friday that it is pursuing legal action in Germany against Epag. Epag is owned by Tucows, who are one of the largest registrars in the world. So what is going on? Why is ICANN taking legal action against a registrar? According to the announcement from ICANN the action is “to preserve whois data”. […]

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Padlock over EU map symbolizing the EU General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR. Designed to harmonize data privacy laws across Europe.

ICANN Writes to ALL European Union Privacy Authorities

In what could be viewed as an unprecedented move, ICANN has written to each and every data protection authority in the European Union. Why? ICANN feels that there is uncertainty about how the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) should impact registrars and registries specifically in relation to the collection, processing and retention of domain name […]

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ICANN GDPR model mapping

ICANN Maps Whois Models For GDPR

Earlier today ICANN held a webinar to provide an update on their data privacy activities in relation to whois and GDPR. Rather than simply talking about the various “models” they produced both a visual mapping as well as a matrix. While some attendees may not agree with how all the models are classified it is […]

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Explosion of nuclear bomb over city. Explosion of nuclear bomb.

Some Whois Lookup Services Might be Broken

There are thousands of sites and services on the ‘net that offer domain name whois lookup services. As of last night many of them may have stopped working. Why? Many of them rely on fairly rudimentary software that parses the whois from Verisign (for .com and .net) and then relays the query to the registrar […]

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