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Efibre.ie Transferred to Eircom in Domain Dispute

Several months ago Eircom, one of Ireland’s largest ISPs,  launched a fibre broadband product under the moniker of “eFibre”. For some reason, however, they hadn’t registered the corresponding domain name. One of their competitors Magnet had and setup a very simple site:   I’m not sure how many people noticed, though I did see a […]

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Is Lady Gaga A Trademark Bully?

In the last couple of days there’s been some media coverage in Ireland of a case involving a small Irish business and Lady Gaga. Some people are crying foul and accusing Lady Gaga and her lawyers of being heavy-handed and that their actions were tantamount to bullying. While the Irish Independent’s coverage of the story […]

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RIPE 66 Registrations Open

The 66th RIPE public meeting is taking place this May in Dublin. Registrations are now open with prices ranging from 125 Euro for a day to 350 Euro for the full meeting. The meeting venue is Dublin’s Burlington hotel which is quite central. Full details on the official meeting site.

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RIPE Coming To Dublin in May

The 66th RIPE public meeting is being held in Dublin, Ireland in May 2013 Dublin’s Burlington hotel will play host to the event which will attract network operators from the RIPE region (Europe mainly) to Dublin for a week of meetings and networking of the more social variety. More information on the meeting site.

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IEDR Data Dump

As regular readers probably know, I run Blacknight. Blacknight is Ireland’s largest hosting provider and domain name registrar. We’re also the only Irish company to ever have been accredited with ICANN. And we’re the single largest registrar of .ie domain names on the planet. If you peruse the archives here and on my personal blog […]

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IEDR To Offer More Frequent Zone Reloads

IEDR have announced that from Monday September 24th at 1am the .ie zone will be reloaded once every two hours. In other words, name server changes, modifications, registrations and other activity will be faster and move much closer to the model employed by gTLDs, such as .com and most ccTLDs such as .me, .co, .co.uk […]

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IEDR To Go Offline Again This Evening

IEDR have informed registrars that they will be taking all registration services offline this evening from around 7pm until midnight. As with their unplanned outages in the last few days the .ie zone will continue to resolve as normal, but new registrations, modifications and whois lookups will be unavailable This will be the 3rd outage […]

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IEDR Suffers Another Outage

The IEDR are currently experiencing another outage. IEDR had previously suffered an outage from lunchtime on Saturday until 6am yesterday morning. While they had informed registrars and the public that they were considering taking services offline at some point in the next 24 – 48 hours this most recent issue was apparently unplanned. While the […]

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IEDR Suffers Major Outage

IEDR is currently suffering a major outage. Since this afternoon none of the IEDR websites have been online, whois for the .ie cctld has been offline and all other services including registrations and updates have been unavailable. Existing .ie domain names continue to resolve. It’s unclear what the cause of the outage is or when […]

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IEDR Update WHOIS Output To Include Registration Date

IEDR have updated their whois output to include the domain name registration date. The whois output now includes both the registration and the expiry dates. See example: whois neylon.ie % Rights restricted by copyright; http://iedr.ie/index.php/mnudomregs/mnudnssearch/96 % Do not remove this notice domain:       neylon.ie descr:        Michele Neylon descr:        Sole Trader descr:        Personal Trading Name admin-c:      AHN397-IEDR […]

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