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Suspension of Kids.us Open To Comment

Neustar, which has the contract with the US government to run the .us ccTLD, has opened a public comment on the kids.us namespace. The usTLD Stakeholder Council, of which I am a member, has recommended that the current suspension of the kids.us namespace be maintained indefinitely. The rationale behind this is pretty simple. While the underlying […]

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World Map Politic 2005 with ccTLDs - LQ version

CoCCA Ploughs Ahead With Policy Changes

CoCCA is implementing a number of significant policy changes effective 7th November. The changes, which were only announced today, will impact registrations in several cctlds, namely: .af .cx .gs .gy .ht .ki .ms .nf .sb You can read about the actual changes here, but basically they’re going to be sending lots of emails to registrants […]

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A team competing in the CTF competition at DEF...

ICANN Hires New CSO – Jeff Moss

ICANN has apparently hired Jeff Moss (aka Dark Tangent) as CSO. Moss is a well known figure in the internet security community and was founder of Black Hat and the Def Con conferences. However isn’t Moss a bit conflicted? Isn’t he on one of the review teams? So how can he work for ICANN whilst […]

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