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ICANN Rolling Out New Site

It’s that time again – yet another new iteration of the ICANN website … This time instead of simply “throwing the switch” ICANN are rolling out the site in phases .. According to ICANN’s Chris Gift the new site is going to be a big improvement: “We had three objectives for the new site: improve […]

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Barnes & Noble Weigh In On Amazon’s New TLDs

Some pretty big companies are beginning to show an active interest in ICANN’s new TLD project. The most recent of them is bookseller Barnes & Noble. The letter, which is available both on the ICANN website and below, is quite narrow and pointed in its scope and focusses on the perceived competition issues with Amazon’s […]

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Kids.us Goes The Way of the Dodo

.Kids.us is one of those domain extensions that sounds like a good idea, but when you look at it a bit more closely you end up having more questions than answers. Essentially the domain extension was designed to be a safe internet space for “kid friendly” content, but the restrictions on registration were incredibly tight. […]

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English: Victoria Espinel releasing joint stra...

What Does The Whitehouse SOPA Statement Actually Mean?

The proposed legislation coming from the US to combat online piracy known as SOPA has not been popular among internet industry professionals or internet users. The debate surrounding the legislation heated up considerably in the runup to Christmas and there is now a planned “blackout” being organised by several high profile content providers. In a […]

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A little diagram of an IP address (IPv4)

ARIN Trials WhoWas Service

ARIN is running a trial service that gives users access to historical IP whois data ie. it will tell you who was responsible for an IP address or block of IPs. The service is not automated and if you want to access it you will need to submit a request via email with information about […]

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