ICANN Seeks Input On Issues Surrounding Domain Transfers

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ICANN’s domain name transfer policy, which is abbreviated to IRTP, is undergoing a series of reviews.

To date two of those reviews have taken place.

IRTP A is finished, while IRTP B’s recommendations are currently being processed.

The next review is, logically, “C” and the preliminary issues report is now available for public comment ie. feedback.

This time round the key areas of interest are:

  • “Change of control” – the policies refer to change of registrar, but what about change of registrant? Should there be policies for this? Why? Why not?
  • Time limits for transfer authorisations. At the moment the policy is pretty much open ended so in theory an authorisation to transfer between registrars doesn’t have an expiry date
  • Standardisation of registrar IDs. At the moment each registry can choose to refer to a registrar using their own internal nomenclature which may or may not include their IANA ID or name (most of the time it doesn’t appear to include either). Would using the IANA ID be of any benefit?

You can read the issues report and submit your feedback here

You’ll also notice that ICANN have updated how the information about the comment periods is being displayed – hopefully to make it easier and more accessible

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