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IE ccTLD Announces Liberalisation Date

The .ie ccTLD, which is the country code domain name for Ireland has long had very restrictive policies governing registration. Even if you were Irish or had a business based in Ireland registering a domain name in the local country code extension wasn’t straightforward – at least not compared to the ease with which you […]

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IEDR policy liberalisation "last call" video

IE Domain Name Rules Changing Soon

Last year the .ie ccTLD opened a consultation process around “liberalisation”. As anyone who has tried to register a .ie domain name would know, compared to registering a .com or .eu the amount of paperwork and general bureaucracy associated with a .ie domain name has always been excessive. The consultation showed that there was strong […]

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IEDR DNS check

IEDR Opens Consultation on Removing DNS Checks

The IEDR has opened a consultation on removing DNS checks during registrations, transfers and other operations. At the moment when a .ie domain name registration is requested the IEDR will check if it passes the policy requirements and then does a technical check. If it fails the technical check the registration can fail. The same […]

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RIPE NCC logo (2015 version)

Are RIPE Members Trying To “Game” The System?

This one piqued my curiosity this morning. There is no IPv4 left. While that’s not something that non-techies care about (yet) it is something that people in the technical community are worried about at some level. Within the RIPE region the IP address allocation policy is governed by “the last /8 policy”. A potential loophole […]

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Suspension of Kids.us Open To Comment

Neustar, which has the contract with the US government to run the .us ccTLD, has opened a public comment on the kids.us namespace. The usTLD Stakeholder Council, of which I am a member, has recommended that the current suspension of the kids.us namespace be maintained indefinitely. The rationale behind this is pretty simple. While the underlying […]

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World Map Politic 2005 with ccTLDs - LQ version

CoCCA Ploughs Ahead With Policy Changes

CoCCA is implementing a number of significant policy changes effective 7th November. The changes, which were only announced today, will impact registrations in several cctlds, namely: .af .cx .gs .gy .ht .ki .ms .nf .sb You can read about the actual changes here, but basically they’re going to be sending lots of emails to registrants […]

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