CoCCA Ploughs Ahead With Policy Changes

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CoCCA is implementing a number of significant policy changes effective 7th November. The changes, which were only announced today, will impact registrations in several cctlds, namely:


You can read about the actual changes here, but basically they’re going to be sending lots of emails to registrants and confusing the life out of them. And if the registrants ignore the email or mark it as spam the registry will suspend their names!!

Welcome to domain name policy gone wrong, or how to fix a small problem by creating another one..

The policy changes have a drastic impact on operations for both domain registrants and registrars and giving registrars a mere 7 days to make the required changes internally to deal with them is more than a little unrealistic.

Where did this come from?

Check out the policy proposal that CoCCA came up with a couple of months ago for details. It makes for quite disturbing reading. You can also read my comments on it here.

While I sympathise with the “spirit” of what CoCCA are trying to do I honestly don’t think that this is the way to do it.

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