Thomson Reuters Finalise Acquisition Of MarkMonitor

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Thomson Reuters announced earlier today that they have finalised the acquisition of domain name registrar and online brand protection company MarkMonitor.

From their release:

 “The addition of MarkMonitor to our Intellectual Property & Science portfolio marks a transformational shift for our business,” said Chris Kibarian, president, IP & Science, Thomson Reuters. “Together, MarkMonitor and Thomson Reuters will provide customers with the world’s only end-to-end solution for online brand protection. We will continue to develop market leading innovations, helping clients drive brand revenue and protect their intangible assets.”

“Brand owners encounter a myriad of challenges in today’s online environment, from digital piracy, to counterfeiting through social media, to planning for the launch of more than 1,000 new gTLDs,” said David Brown, president, IP Solutions, Thomson Reuters. “MarkMonitor and Thomson Reuters will continue to invest in advanced technologies that enable customers to manage and scope their online brand risk, keeping one step ahead of brandjackers.”

Flagship offerings of MarkMonitor include MarkMonitor Brand Protection™, for safeguarding brand equity, revenue and reputation from paid search scams, unauthorized channels, counterfeit sales, false association, impersonation, cybersquatting and other threats; MarkMonitor AntiPiracy™, for monitoring, detecting and responding to piracy and related promotional activities; and Domain Management, for proactively seizing domain name opportunities and preventing others from undermining a company’s brand and revenue.

“Brands lost billions of dollars to online abuse last year, as brand saboteurs hijacked search engine marketing, infiltrated social media, stole web traffic and peddled fake goods,” said Irfan Salim, president, MarkMonitor. “MarkMonitor and Thomson Reuters together form the brand protection market leader, providing customers with efficient and effective brand protection solutions that secure their revenue and reputations.”

So how long before we see staff and management changes?

If any of the recent mergers and acquisitions are anything to go by we can expect to see a lot of changes there in the coming weeks and months once the new owners settle in.


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