Bar Refaeli Kissing Geek For GoDaddy Ad

English: Bar Refaeli at the Cannes film festiv...

English: Bar Refaeli at the Cannes film festival Français : Bar Refaeli au festival de Cannes (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The SuperBowl is on this Sunday and as usual there’s probably as much media interest in the adverts that big brands will be showing during the commercial breaks as there is in the game itself.

As previously mentioned, this year’s GoDaddy ad features Bar Refaeli. The advert is short and simple, but it’s likely to get more attention from some circles than the company’s racier ads.


Well it’s not every day you get to see a supermodel making out with a stereotypical geek, is it? Unless you’re a fan of Big Bang Theory perhaps ..

The advert also features longtime GoDaddy girl Danica Patrick.

Here’s the ad:

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