ICANN55 Preparation Webinar For Business Stakeholders

ICANN’s business engagement team are organising a webinar next week to help prepare business stakeholders for the upcoming meeting in Marrakech.

Topics being covered include:

  • ICANN55 Public Meeting in Marrakech and sessions of interest
  • Opportunities to follow, participate and join the work of business stakeholders in their various constituency groups
  • Latest topics in the Internet domain name and addressing systems

What makes this interesting is that it’s pure business driven – a “link” that some ICANN insiders have difficulty communicating. ICANN policy changes, for example, have clear and often costly impact on businesses – not just registrars and registries. The business engagement team within ICANN have been doing some very interesting work on making ICANN’s work relevant for a wider audience thanks in no little part to Chris Mondini’s work.

The webinar will feature speakers from ICANN Staff as well as representatives from:

  • The Business Constituency
  • The Intellectual Property Constituency
  • The Internet Service Providers & Connectivity Providers Constituency

If you’ve been having problems explaining to your boss or colleagues why ICANN stuff matters then this webinar might help! Full details including signup form, here.

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