DNS Belgium Moves Backend to the Cloud

DNS Belgium, who run the .be ccTLD domain registry, as well as .brussels and .vlaanderen, is moving its backend to the cloud.

The domain registry announced last year that they would be migrating their backend to the cloud.


So they can focus on the software and services and not have to concern themselves with the hardware and colocation aspect of running clusters of servers in multiple locations.

The registry has already moved their “try out” system to the cloud and will follow it with the live registry this weekend.

Will there be any impact?

During the migration the registry will be shutdown and no new registrations or modifications will be possible.

How long will the systems be offline?

From 0900 to 1700 at least, though it could be longer.

When are they making the move?

They’re migrating on Saturday February 11th starting at 0900 Central European Time.

Which cloud service provider have they chosen?

Amazon (AWS)

Where will the data reside?

Within the EU. Amazon has multiple “zones” in the EU and DNS Belgium will be using one of them. It’s probably going to be Dublin, as they couldn’t realistically choose London. Frankfurt might be an option, but I think the Dublin zone is longer established.

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