Pot Calling Kettle, Come In Kettle

While there has been a lot of focus on the blog and forum discussions of the Network Solutions front running reactions from registrars have not been as public. Sure, they’ve been there, but there’s a lot of noise and chatter in the comments being posted to some of the more high profile blogs.
However if you peruse some of the ICANN mailing list archives over the last couple of days you’ll find comments from some of the more vocal ICANN registrars and other industry people who may not have the high public profiles.
While some of the discussions are interesting and some are revealing I can’t help but giggle at Jay Westerdal’s reaction, both on his blog and on the mailing lists.
Wasn’t Westerdal the same person who happily published whois data about registrants for a fee?
Other registrars, such as Tucows, maybe in a position to criticise, but some people should be feeling a little uneasy about their own practices….

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