ICM Submit Applications For More Adult Extensions

ICM Registry, the company behind .xxx, are applying for 3 other adult strings in the new TLD round.

XXX Domain Name Advertising

XXX Domain Name Advertising (Photo credit: blacknight)

The company has submitted applications for .adult, .porn and .sex.

I may be mistaken, but I suspect that all three of the desired strings are going to prove problematic. If the debate and controversy around .xxx was heated at times, then any application for more overt extensions is bound to trigger controversy and will probably lead to criticism from some governments.

Also, isn’t there a couple of “carve outs” in the application guide book precluding some of these strings?

In an interesting move ICM plans to “grandfather” any registrants of .xxx into the other extensions for free, though how that will work technically isn’t clear. Are registrars expected to provide domains and all related services for free? Of course if the applications are rejected then that will be moot, but ICM might be using this application more for PR than anything else..


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5 Responses to ICM Submit Applications For More Adult Extensions

  1. Volker Greimann April 12, 2012 at 4:28 pm #

    ICM has clarified this:
    “The premise is if you have registered a .XXX name as a member or non-member of the Sponsored Community, the names will automatically be put on our reserved list. Members of the Sponsored Community can choose to utilize the other extensions at any time for a nominal registration fee (wholesale will be around $10 USD) and non-members will be protected by not having to register the corresponding domain name(s) in the other extensions. An example of this is, if you purchased ‘domain.xxx’; then the domains ‘domain.sex’, ‘domain.porn’, and ‘domain.adult’ will be held in reserve for you at no extra charge. ”

    In other words, if you wish to block it, its free, you need to do (or pay) nothing, if you wish to use it, you pay USD 10 per grandfathered domain.

    It looks like this will actually make previous Sunrise B applications a hell of a better deal, and be a nice little benefit for current registrants as well.

    • Michele Neylon April 12, 2012 at 4:40 pm #


      Thanks for the clarification. The email wording suggested otherwise 🙂


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