ICANN Shortens Public Meetings


ICANN Logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

At the last ICANN public meeting in Costa Rica the traditional Friday board meeting was incredibly short. For many people sitting in the room there were looks of surprise at how quickly the board was able to get through its agenda.

Now ICANN has made it clear officially that Costa Rica was a precursor of things to come, with an announcement today that Friday is being removed from the agenda entirely!

The board will, instead, extend the Thursday session to include a wrap up of the week.

A lot of delegates normally don’t stay for the Friday at ICANN meetings traditionally, with many working through the weekend before the meetings officially open.

I guess that means that some people will be able to use the Friday for visiting Prague, or simply going home a day early.

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3 Responses to ICANN Shortens Public Meetings

  1. theo April 30, 2012 at 9:13 pm #

    Seems enuff time to prep for Blink 182.
    Can we see Mathieu pogo on some Blink tunes ?

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