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ICANN Wins IANA Contract Bid

The US government has renewed the IANA contract to ICANN. Full details in the official release. The IANA contract renewal had been haunting ICANN for the last year, so closure on this key aspect of internet plumbing should be greeted positively in most quarters. The EU, however, might not be too happy, as they’d already […]

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Fadi Chehadé

ICANN Leadership Confusion?

Yesterday afternoon ICANN held a press conference in Prague to announce two things: the new CEO who would replace Rod Beckstrom the interim CEO who would fill the role between Beckstrom’s departure and October 1 The new CEO from October 1 2012 will be Fadi Chehadé but until he takes the reins ICANN’s Chief Operating […]

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Where Is ICANN’s New CEO?

On Monday June 25th, as part of the Prague ICANN meeting, there is a slot on the schedule for the “CEO Farewell Reception”. Rod Beckstrom will be leaving ICANN. This is not news. It was announced (via Twitter) several months ago. What is “news” is more correctly the lack of it ie. the naming of […]

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New TLD Reveal Event In London

ICANN will be hosting an event in London next Wednesday with both Rod Beckstrom and Kurt Pritz in attendance. The event will include the official “reveal” of the new TLD application list. Over the past few days there have been quite a few big announcements, with Donuts scooping the “lion’s share” of coverage with their […]

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Bob Recstrum Speaks On New TLDs

So while Rod Beckstrom may not have been saying much about the TAS outage his parody alter-ego Bob Recstrum has been having fun (at his expense) Today, following the announcement of a date for TAS re-opening:   #Newgtlds update: I am pleased to announce a new Reveal Day. On 30 June, I will reveal what […]

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ICANN Shortens Public Meetings

At the last ICANN public meeting in Costa Rica the traditional Friday board meeting was incredibly short. For many people sitting in the room there were looks of surprise at how quickly the board was able to get through its agenda. Now ICANN has made it clear officially that Costa Rica was a precursor of […]

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ICANN To Publish Applicants On April 30th

In a press release yesterday ICANN has stated that they will publish the list of applicants for new TLDs on April 30th. Previously many had spoken of a “big reveal” on May 1st, though that would have coincided with a public holiday in many countries and might have been “missed”. However ICANN CEO, Rod Beckstrom, […]

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New TLD Applications Are Now Being Accepted

Applications for newTLDs are now being accepted via the ICANN website here. Expect lots of coverage in the mainstream media about this in the next few days. You can also expect plenty of outrage from some quarters, upset from others and maybe a couple of legal battles for good measure. I posted a bit more […]

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Photo of Rod Beckstrom

ICANN To Release Updated gTLD Applicant Guidebook

ICANN’s CEO, Rod Beckstrom, has confirmed that ICANN will be releasing an updated version of the gTLD Applicant Guidebook by January 12th.   #ICANN– we are shooting to have an updated new gTLD Applicant Guidebook pubished by January 12, ’12 to reflect already approved changes — Rod Beckstrom (@RodBeckstrom) January 7, 2012   There has […]

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DomainForum in Sofia Focuses On NewTLDs

DomainForum is being held today in Sofia, Bulgaria with a firm focus on newTLDs. The event was opened by one of the Bulgarian ministers who spoke about Bulgaria’s open policy towards the internet. ICANN CEO Rod Beckstrom was the opening speaker and the rest of the day’s speakers is varied (disclosure – I’m one of […]

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